Onnit Affiliate

We are hoping to make our site contendercomics.com and do some upgrades and stuff. So one way we are doing that is by being an affiliate for Onnit. The reason I chose to affiliate with them is that I take a few of their supplements and so I can vouch for them. I use alphabrain and hemp force protein. Hemp force is the best tasting protein powder and the only time I’ve ever had a lucid dream was on a heavy dose of alpha brain. It was really trippy.  Anyway, not pushing this stuff on anyone but if you do take supplements -or are looking to try some- click on the banners here and you will be helping us out as well. They also have workout equipment (including the handsome gorilla kettlebell feature image) and healthy food items. I don’t want to get wicked salesman on you guys so I’ll just say they have great shipping and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them. Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

Onnit Labs


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