No Man’s Land from Contender Comics

This press release  is to tell you about the first issue of the first series from Contender Comics Corp. We are two brothers out of Alberta, Canada and we are lifetime comic guys. I can remember when both of us first got into drawing. The teenage mutant ninja turtles were new and the california raisins were considered cool in elementary schools. We drew these characters along with a bunch of other stuff and since that time I, Duff Twin, have gone more into writing and my brother, Chris Twin, has continued to sharpen his skills as an artist.

What follows is a plot outline and the first few pages of “No Man’s Land”. We plan to release this story as a series of 5-6 regular length comics online and then do a print graphic novel version of the entire story. The first release will be in early June and will follow regularly (monthly at the most) after that. We are releasing on Graphicly and the book will be available through facebook, on mobile devices and on popular online readers like Kebo and Kindle.

For more info please contact us at or on twitter @contendercomics. People can get info and updates at and at our website at


It is the year 2055. Crime in North America has grown so high that society begins to crumble. The American government comes up with a drastic solution to the epidemic. They quarantine off one of the old cities (a city stagnated by crime and poverty that hasn’t been able to take advantage of technological advancements). Walls half a mile high surround the city on all sides. This is where the criminal’s who refuse to reform are sent. With no guards and no escape the prisoners make they’re own rules. Once criminal’s are sent to this new age prison they are never released. It is called Prison 49A, but people inside and out have dubbed it “No Man’s Land”.

Food and supplies are air-dropped in so it‘s first come first served. The population of the prison grew rapidly and there was chaos among the early inmates. A group of political protesters were sentenced to the prison for their outbursts against the government. When this group arrived inside they walked through the city together. Other inmates, bloody and tattered, did not approach the protesters because they walked as one. This marked the birth of the first gang in no man’s land, “The Protesters”. They claimed the center of the city as theirs’ and allowed other inmate’s to come there if it was in peace. The Protesters started the barter system as they searched the city for any items of value, clothing, weapons, medicine and other things. All these items can be purchased by trade in the city center. Other inmate’s started searching the old shops around the city and collect valuables for themselves to trade as well

No Man’s land run’s on a shaky balance as new inmate’s arrive often and most of them don’t mix. Territory is taken up by newly formed gangs. To pass through territory almost always comes with a price, a toll of goods, food, or blood. Will a gang emerge that unites the inmate’s and puts an end to the fighting? Will terror and numbers rule a lawless city? Will young Gerrick be a part of gang that commands respect, or just another victim of No Man’s Land…


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